Successful People, motivational quotes and Your Tweet

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Motivational quotes are able to help you achieve your full potential every single day. Sure, they’re just words used to help inspire you to move forward. But they’re positive words anyway. And when you are at the edge of actually giving up or fighting to push yourself forward, sometimes all that it’s just what you needed.


So lets dig into what exactly is the motivation and how does it relate to these motivational quotes of the week. Motivation is a state of your mind and your attitude towards a specific situation. This specific situation could be a job interview, an argument with a friend, or even a failed date with that special someone. Whatever the situation, having that positive mental state in front of you can be the deciding factor to win that job interview, to drive away that annoyance from that friend, or to finally put those embarrassing dates behind you.


So how do you stay in that positive mental state of mind and attitude? One great quote is, “If you want great things, start small.” Never start with big plans and lofty goals. Instead, utilize motivational quotes “fired from the big boys” type of attitude. Something like “I’ve had some great success, but I always find more success around the little guys.”

Motivational Quotes

These types of motivational quotes, when used in conjunction with other motivational words, are a deadly combination. For example, “Great things take time”,” Achievement is waiting for us all” and “The future belongs to the boldest” – are just a few quotes to pump up your self-esteem. The beauty of using inspirational words along with other motivational words is that you can use quotes from all walks of life and never feel like you’re preaching to your church choir.


Another great combination is to use motivational quotes from people who have succeeded in their own right. You might take the quote “Success is a journey to the goal” and use it as the first lines of your motivational poster advertising your business. Then you could add lines like “I started out as an unemployed loser, but I had great success” to encourage the reader to go after their dreams.


Sometimes we just need a reminder that we are not so unknown after all. Sometimes our greatness can be forgotten by those who only know us by our achievements. This is why it’s so important to tweet motivational quotes and post them on your Twitter or Facebook page because they remind us that we aren’t so unknown after all.

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