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Tangle Master 3D Mod APK Free Download

If you are here for Tangle Master 3D Mod APK then you are in the right place. We, humans, love challenges. And one of the most challenging games is the puzzle game. These games always keep us hooked and present interesting topics that make us want more. But puzzle games are not for those who give up easily! It takes a lot of patience and strategy to play these. But if you are one of those who love puzzle games, this is for you.


It has already been downloaded over 1 million times on the Google Play store. But why is this game so popular? Do you have a new generation of graphics? Or is it groundbreaking gameplay? No, it isn’t! It has some very challenging and interesting puzzles. Please read if you are interested!

What is Tangle Master 3D?

When we were children, we were always fascinated by even the most common things. And when you learn magic and puzzles, you’ll be even more surprised! This is the power of puzzles and how we use our brains. But what if you don’t want to solve boring Sudoku or crossword puzzles? What if you want to play the right balance of challenge and fun at the same time?

Take a look at Tangle Master 3D

This puzzle game takes the unraveling to a whole new level! You know how happy it is to untie a cable like a charger cable. Untie many wavy knots in this game! But it’s not as easy as solving it in real life. The challenge is that you can’t untie the knot below the knot. You have to find a way to solve them without it. be interested? Continue reading!

Features of Tangle Master 3D

If you like solving things from left to right, you’ll love Tangle Master 3D! But what else is there in this great game? These are its features:

Many levels

In Tangle Master 3D, you need to tie some knots! But it’s not as easy as doing it in real life. Tangle Master 3D does not allow you to lift a node under another node. You can only lift things that are on other nodes. This is easy enough if you only have two nodes. But if you have multiple nodes at the same time, that’s a big mess! In Tangle Master 3D, you’ll find that levels start easy, but as you progress, it’s harder to untie and more knots. Can you solve them all before you get hooked?

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Epic Graphics

Tangle Master 3D is a puzzle game that simulates knots very well. The knot is similar to the jelly we eat as a child. And when you try to move them, they move. This makes it easy to know how to solve them. Also, the knot works well

Realistic Gameplay

Tangle Master 3D is great for simulating real in-game physics. If you move a node and try to solve it, the node will move, so you can easily modify the node. Therefore, other effects are also realistic. Overall, Tangle Master 3D is a fun and challenging game to play.