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Download Trash Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Gold)

Do you know how much garbage is dumped into the environment on our earth every day? Such a large number, and you can’t imagine it. Among these, with a certain amount of waste, we can recycle and reuse it to protect the environment.

A game inspired by waste recycling and business enrichment is produced that brings human value and entertainment value for all. Trash Tycoon: Idle clicker & Simulator & The Business game that I would like to introduce to you. The game that simulates the enrichment process of the landfill is exciting on the phone. Let’s find out what makes the game so popular with so many people.



AlexPlay LLC, with the motto “These are the best game sims for you. Live someone else’s life”, has produced many games with that noble spirit. Game Trash Tycoon is one of the most successful products from this famous game developer.

Colorful and addictive arcade simulation game and the game is easy to play on your phone. I guarantee that while playing you will never get bored with this game. With this junk business game, you will never expect to be able to find the wealth you crave, as well as find your empire.

Selling junk and making a profit is the cycle of this game. You get a lot of money cleaning up the planet; not just money, but the planet’s ecosystem will literally be in your hands. Let’s see how this interesting game is played.


Enter the world of Trash Tycoon and you will inherit an abandoned junkyard from your grandfather. That landfill is somewhere on the outskirts of your home country. When you arrive at a legacy landfill, you will come across a garbage dump.

That person is actually your grandfather’s assistant, who has been here recycling for years. Now you will start to earn your first penny using vintage hand compactors. So can you create your own business success story? Join this game to know yourself.

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With the Trash Tycoon game, you will build objects to eliminate different types of waste and you will use production lines and factories to share with the environment. There will be some happy environmentalists who will recycle the waste you provide and pay you a fair amount for the amount of waste you have exchanged.

The exciting gameplay of trash tycoon idle clicker mod apk and rich, high-quality content have conquered everyone who plays this game. It is easy to start playing this simulation game.

Compress your first block of garbage using ecoclicker. Using this machine without any problem, you will get more trash and gradually you can get big to build a giant trash empire. Your trash will also be available in the bag.

Study the market and observe price fluctuations to choose when to score the highest. When you successfully make your first money in the garbage business, use that money to upgrade the garbage compactor, garbage can, and garbage truck to a higher level to help you a lot in your work.

In addition to the garbage business, you can conduct archaeological excavations in mines, research, and invent new equipment in the laboratory. Create pieces to improve the compactor in the forge, fight with other containers for the best trash.

In your junkyard, sometimes sexy racing trucks, you have to collect them from the trash and hone them to put them in the elite ranks of the sports world specializing in garbage collection.


trash tycoon mod apk 0.0 9 offers you many interesting and wonderful things. Among them is the convenience of the game, when you can play it at any time. However, it is possible to play games that do not require an internet connection.

This game can be played with one hand, so it won’t be difficult to play on the subway, bus, or even while eating. Some waste will be collected without a network connection and even while you are not playing.

While playing the game, people always complain about the ads running in the game, but you won’t have to experience the feeling of getting bored with the annoying ads in this game.

The game also has quality graphics; Also, the game is not heavy and it will not take up much space in your device memory. Download this amazing junk business game on your phone to have the feeling of being a junk billionaire and a savior of this earth.

Download Trash Tycoon MOD (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)