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Download True Fishing-Fishing simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) For Android

The game world is very diverse, it satisfies all the interests of the participants: some people like horror games, others like action games. But some players want to find a fancy hobby like fishing. That’s why publisher Andromeda Coders launched True Fishing. The fishing simulator satisfies lovers of fishing games, bringing a sense of peace in the middle of a busy life. Let’s find out the details of any game quickly!



If you are passionate about the elegant hobby of fishing, you probably understand that people often choose quiet places to fish. That is why the publisher of the game True Fishing has created a very realistic and lively playground. The 3D graphics are rendered in a completely realistic and really well-done way. Players can fish in an extremely wide and calm large lake. In particular, the image of this place is very realistic and gives a feeling of great peace.

It is also possible that the player is searching for the big cats in a vast sea. This will be an exciting and challenging experience for the players. The objects of the game are also represented in a realistic way, such as fishing rods, worms, plants, … In addition to graphics; the sound of the game also makes a very good combination. With soft and upbeat music at times depending on the situation, he created a fairly complete game.


The game allows players to participate in the task of a fishing enthusiast. True Fishing mod will bring players many exciting experiences. Like other games, the editor offers players a set of game instructions that are displayed on the screen. It is very easy for players to join. The most important thing is to check your fishing rod. Players must choose a fishing rod appropriate to the depth of the place where they are going to fish. In addition to using the corresponding bait to attract the fish to bite. Just like in real life, when fishing, players have to wait a long time. This game teaches participants to be patient and wait.


True Fishing is not just for players to test out with a fixed playing position. There are up to 26 completely different maps; each map will have new species of fish for players to explore. At the same time, players must also have their own tactics when fishing, depending on the change of weather, to have different tactics. The game will bring many surprises to the participants because more than 200 species of fish are very different, right? In addition to using a fishing rod, players can also engage in fishing with two fishing rods when at higher levels.

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Not only that, but the game also offers players friends. People who share the same passion for fishing will share stories they found while looking for fish. At the same time, it is possible to organize fishing tournaments to find out who is the best “angler”. The above are not all the exciting things that the game brings. More than just a game, True Fishing is a playground with many incredibly realistic experiences. So free download true fishing fishing simulator mod apk

Download True Fishing – Fishing Simulator MOD (Premium / Unlimited Money)