VIU MOD APK (Premium Shows)


If you are here for VIU MOD APK then you are in the right place. For those of you who are interested in great Asian movies and TV shows, but can’t find a suitable platform where you can fully enjoy your multimedia entertainment, this great Vuclip Mobile Video app is sure to meet your needs for interesting Asian shows. and more. Here you can enjoy thousands of interesting movies and TV shows from different countries of Asia.

Feel free to enjoy the app as you easily search for your favorite movies and shows from different Asian countries and enjoy your immersive entertainment experiences with the app’s amazing features. Enjoy hilarious comedies, intense action, epic combat, and thrilling experiences as you immerse yourself in incredible films from all genres and cultures.

Learn more about Viu’s great app with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

From the very beginning, when you are inside Viu; Android users will have full access to the huge library of amazing Asian movies and TV shows; that originated from different countries of the continent and that vary between the various genres. And at the same time, the app also offers great Asian music videos for you to enjoy.

Feel free to enjoy the exciting in-app experiences as you search for one of your favorite Asian movies and TV shows. Enjoy them directly in the app with its convenient built-in player or enjoy offline movies whenever you want.

Viu Korean Dramas is hands down the best mobile entertainment app for any of you looking for a good way to watch your favorite Asian shows. Choose great shows from the suggestions or use the intuitive interfaces as you easily navigate to your favorite movies. Watch them all in maximum definition settings and enjoy smooth streaming experiences whenever you want.


For those of you who are interested; you can start installing Viu’s amazing mobile app on your mobile devices, no problem. Start by signing up for your free account to access the amazing online movie library in the app. Here you can enjoy the shows you want and watch them right away.

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However, it is recommended that you connect to a constant internet connection to enjoy smooth video streaming experiences. And at the same time, a decent smartphone with a high-quality screen is also what you want.

And to top it all off, to enjoy the full app experience; along with many premia and original programs on Viu, you’ll need to pay for in-app subscriptions.

Amazing features

Here are all the great features you can enjoy on Viu:

Simple and accessible entertainment application to have on your mobile devices

To begin with, for those of you who are interested in Asian cultures; and want to learn more about Asian countries through movies; VIU MOD APK will offer you thousands of interesting TV shows, movies, and music videos from different countries and genres; to get to know them. to enjoy. Feel free to use the app and its great features as you find your favorite movies; and enjoy the amazing in-app experiences to the fullest.