VivaCut MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

If you are here for VivaCut MOD APK then you are in the right place. For those of you who need a decent video editor on your mobile devices to handle light and simple tasks; you will definitely have the VivaCut: Pro Video Editor APP with all the features you want within the application and much more.

That said, the amazing video editing app allows android gamers to edit their videos quickly and effectively by providing in-depth control options, lots of custom effects, etc.

Feel free to use the amazing video editing options in VivaCut MOD APK while creating professional images. Showcase your first Hollywood movies that were created entirely in VivaCut, using its amazing in-app features.

Moreover, Explore the endless customizations and editing features offered by the app. Besides, most importantly, the intuitive and convenient in-app experiences will make VivaCut accessible to most Android users.

Learn more about this great mobile app from VivaCut professional video editor with our reviews.


In order for the application to work, there are few requirements for your Android devices, besides Android 5 and above. Feel free to download and install the application on your mobile devices with ease. Get access to all the features available in the app as you try to create awesome videos with amazing options.

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However, like many other common video editing apps including FilmoraGo; PowerDirector, and the like, it requires a decent mobile device with capable hardware. That said, the powerful hardware will enhance your overall in-app experiences and greatly improve your editing speed. On the other hand, a low-end phone with outdated hardware is likely not working properly in VivaCut MOD APK.

Amazing features

Here are all the great features the game offers:

The professional video editing app for android users

Also, For the first time, Android users will have at their disposal a powerful and capable video editing application; where they can make more edits and customize their videos. With professional features and intuitive editing options; the application will allow users to create amazing Hollywood movies with the available application.

Additionally, Start with the green screen and colored button options; that let you mix videos and create stunning images that you often do with your movies. Not to mention, with the cinematic video editing options available; the game allows Android users to create amazing movies right on their mobile devices.

Besides, the available skin, video collage, sticker, text; and other cool aesthetic elements will allow Android users to freely customize their videos to their liking. Also, Choose some keyframe animations and enjoy your brilliant videos with the available editor.

And for quick videos that are created for your social network; you can always use the Masks options available with Linear; Mirror, Radial, Rectangle, Oval, etc. effects. Each of these uses visual effects will allow you to create impressive images.

To edit a certain music and audio track; VivaCut MOD APK users can also make individual edits to their audio tracks and add multiple sound effects. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can always extract music and audio tracks from any video available in your collection.