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Westland Survival Mod APK Free Download-Latest Version

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If you are here for Westland Survival Mod APKthen you are in the right place. Prove that you have the salt to survive the harsh conditions of the Wild West. Download the Westland Survival APK for Android and join the action in an MMORPG game in which your survival is at stake. Build your house, defend your land and explore this huge open world to earn a living and restore people’s justice.

You can travel on horseback, hunt deer and buffalo for food; then return to camp and dine before going out into the woods to gather wood to enlarge your home. The realism of this game is what makes it so compelling. You will be able to experience everyday life to the fullest from what it means to live in the Wild West.

But be careful, you’re not the only player who has a gun in his hand; you’ll encounter enemies throughout the game; including people who want to rob you or just challenge you to a Mexican confrontation. Make sure you’re ready to shoot your gun and bring justice back to these bandits!

Massive survival online game

In the game, you will explore different areas of the Wild West to find various minerals and other resources that you can use to build objects and expand your demand on the ground. You will be able to create items for yourself, such as clothes, things for your home, and more.

As you travel through the countries, you will encounter all the dangers on earth and none of them are more dangerous than the other players! People will be willing to steal, kill for fun or do the opposite, so make sure you are ready to defend yourself against all these threats.

The game has fascinating console-level graphics, which definitely adds to the fun of playing it. You will feel that you are actually in the game, which makes it even more fun to play for hours on end.

Tips for Playing Westland Survival Mod APK:

If you want to survive in this huge game, then you will need professional advice from experienced players. These are some of the ones I found most useful during the game.

Clean your home base

You will start from your home base – You can find a broken wagon with a knife that you will use to kill everyone in your home base. From here you can start building a house.

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Build Your Home ASAP

Go out and cut some timber trees, then start building your first house. This will allow you to create a workbench and store items, which is essential for raising the level in the game.

Protect your home 

You will soon realize that a very convenient way to get more resources is to steal them from other players. Of course, other players have noticed this too, so your home will be a target. Make sure you invest time and resources to protect your home and create solid walls. Also, try to follow him to make sure his things don’t get up.

Build a Well ASAP 

You’ll be able to build a well once you reach level 8. Don’t waste your time doing it! You will need it to have water in play, which is essential for your survival.

Free Download Westland Survival Mod APK. 

Unlimited Coins, Free Crafting + Sharing Download Westland Survival Mod APK Unlimited Coins, Free Crafting + Division to enjoy free in-game crafts.

Mod Features:

  • Menu mod
  • Free craft (craft, split, weapon max durability)
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