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WhatsApp Plus APK Free Download Latest Version

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If you are here for WhatsApp Plus APK then you are in the right place. Instant messaging applications have been around for a few years. They are a blessing as they allow people all over the world to communicate effortlessly! Without these apps, communication would never be the same and we would still be blocked from messages and calls, which isn’t bad, but it’s not free!

Whatsapp plus apk

Applications like Messenger and WhatsApp are instant messaging applications that provide many functions. However, even these applications have their limitations. That is why in 2012 a modified version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Plus was created.

The developer changed the base code and introduced a new user interface for people’s enjoyment. Then there are more features in this app. Think of this as the version of WhatsApp where you can pretty much do anything! Read on for more information!

What is WhatsApp Plus?

Imagine living in a world without instant messaging applications. You can’t, can you? They have become such an important part of our daily life that we can’t even live without them anymore. Which is understandable in these times.

We can’t fly anywhere instantly, so we need these communication tools to help us. But even these tools have their limitations. That’s why some people have taken it upon themselves to create an even more powerful instant messaging app – WhatsApp Plus.

Whatsapp plus apk

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp, but it is better in terms of features. In addition to the obvious changes to the logo and user interface, features are also added. However, the internal structure of this application is not that different from the original.

That’s why you can switch to this app after using the original one without any problem! However, this application is not available for download on the Google Play Store because it is a modified version.

Even so, WhatsApp Plus allows users to switch themes from a variety of unique themes. The original app doesn’t allow any customization, but this app does. On top of that, you also have access to more emoticons than ever! Express your emotions in a new way without saying a word! Also, you can’t see your online status from your contacts in the original app. But in WhatsApp Plus, you can hide it so you don’t get bombarded with unwanted messages or calls.

WhatsApp Plus features

WhatsApp Plus is not just an instant messaging application. This is a more advanced version of the original. Hence, it is superior to all other instant messaging apps available. These are its characteristics:

Full Customization

In the original app, you can’t customize anything. But in WhatsApp Plus, the entire user interface is customizable. You can change the color of buttons, text, and graphics. This means you can literally customize this app with just a few taps. This is because more than 700 themes are available. Also, there is no need to download them one by one, the application downloads all the themes and sorts them by name, date, and version. You just have to find the ones you like. Whatsapp plus apk

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Emoticons are a great way to express our emotions without the need for words. Sometimes there aren’t even words to describe how we feel, so let’s use emoticons. However, in the original WhatsApp, we are limited to the emoticons we can use.

They solved this problem in WhatsApp Plus where there are more emoticons in the library. They’ve added Google Hangouts emoticons for variety. However, you should be aware that other WhatsApp Plus users may see these emoticons.

Hide options

In the original application, it is not possible to hide the fact that you are online. And that presents a lot of problems if you just want to browse and read old messages and don’t have to interact. To solve this problem, WhatsApp Plus has a feature where you can hide your status from any person or group. This means that even if you are online, people cannot contact you.

Advanced File Sharing Option

The great thing about instant messaging apps is that they allow you to share files with your friends, family, or colleagues with ease. But in the original version, they only allow you to send files up to 16MB at a time. And this presents a lot of problems for those who want to send larger files. WhatsApp Plus solves this problem by allowing users to send files up to 50MB. This feature is pretty nifty considering you can do a lot with it.

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